Creating a Winning Culture!

Some ideas on how to develop a high performance game which brings success and enjoyment!

BY STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE.  Embracing the CHALLENGE by showing COMMITMENT, CHARACTER and CLASS – on and off the court – whether WINNING OR LOSING.

By ESTABLISHING appropriate GOALS and by ensuring that your LEVEL OF EXPECTATION is NOT too HIGH to attain. UNREALISTIC GOALS will become the source of FRUSTRATION.


MAINTAINING a POSITIVE ATTITUDE when experiencing PRESSURE situations i.e. when LOSING to an opponent on court.

By always SHOWING the HIGHEST RESPECT to opponents, team mates, parents and coaches. Always displaying IMPECCABLE MORAL VALUES and INTEGRITY – both on and off the court. 

Be a good TEAM PLAYER by placing the INTERESTS of the TEAM before your own SELFISH GOALS.

Senior varsity players should take RESPONSIBILITY and should demonstrate good LEADERSHIP SKILLS by being good ROLE MODELS and MENTORS for the freshmen and junior players to follow.

AVOID being RESULT and RANKING driven – as it CREATES too much unnecessary PRESSURE. FOCUS on applying a preset GAME PLAN to maximize your PERFORMANCE – which will take care of the result!

TRUST your game, always PRACTICE hard and build your SELF-CONFIDENCE. RELAX on court and BELIEVE that you can WIN the match – for YOURSELF and your TEAM. 

CREATING a REALISTIC MARGIN for ERRORS and LOSSES – by ACCEPTING that they are part of the game and by LEARNING how to HANDLE those disappointments and LOSSES in a POSITIVE fashion.


A good WORK ETHIC always REWARDS those who work hard to improve their fitness, their game and their mental toughness

8 girl managers joined the Boys team to learn and be part of a competitive Varsity tennis environment

Most top Varsity players take private lessons to polish the finer points of their game. They also play tournaments at least once a month to get competitive match experience and improve their confidence.

ENJOY playing tennis by having lots of FUN with your team-mates and by BONDING as a “FAMILY.” 

By developing modern and advanced tennis TECHNIQUES and STROKES to maximize your PERFORMANCE on court 

By DEVELOPING effective DOUBLES skills in addition to singles skills – as the coach may need you to SWITCH for the BENEFIT of the TEAM

Work on developing your VOLLEYING and DOUBLES skills and tactics – especially if your GOAL is to play on the Varsity high school team – and then continue on to earn a spot on a college team.

Whilst STRIVING to achieve EXCELLENCE in the game, ENJOY the challenge, make lifelong FRIENDS and have FUN meeting the CHALLENGE.

Dedication, strong mental fortitude and sheer determination rewarded top singles player Matthew True with County,  All Conference,  All District and All State (Honorable Mention) awards.   

Lexi Miller worked extremely hard on improving her serve and ground strokes. This enabled her to strengthen her self belief and helped her to develop into a more competitive varsity singles player. The hard work paid off.