The Backhand Volley

Lead with racquet butt and step in with left foot
Contact out in front - racquet head above the wrist
Point of contact out in front - racquet almost parallel to net


Eye on the ball - racquet head above the wrist



Pete Sampras shows superb balance


Contact out in front - step in with right foot









  •  Avoid taking racquet back behind left ear – not as far back as regular backhand slice
  • Lead with bottom edge of racquet – open the face more  to play a low volley 
  •  Step across  with the right foot – if you have time!
  • Bend knees for low volleys – avoid dropping racquet below the wrist
  • Use a short punching swing to contact point – leading with back of right hand
  • Contact point slightly  in front and to left side – finish with short follow-through parallel to net
  • Avoid slicing excessively – chopping down on the ball
 NOTE : Two-handed volley preferrable for players with weak right
                   wrist – stroke technique virtually the same
 GRIP : Continental or Eastern Forehand with right hand.
                 Semi-Western for left hand on two hander 

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