Strong Family Values are an Integral Part of a Player’s Development

Coach Des Evans
Des with grandson Deklyn

"Pappa" Des with Deklyn and Nicola in Kentucky
Nicola, Deklyn and Stacey on court

3 year old Deklyn on a ladder
Deklyn loves to play with a ball!

2 and a half year old Deklyn at a Quickstart session with Des


Playing with any type of ball should be encouraged!
Deklyn at horse riding with Sean (Nicola's fiance)
Deklyn with Nicola at tennis



Deklyn with his aunt Stacey
 A settled and secure family life style with strong core values are an essential ‘ingredient’ in a future champion’s development. Parents and grandparents must lead by example by living  an healthy, honest and addiction free life style!!  Being part of an active, solid family environment where there is a great work ethic is a positive influence on a young sportsman. 
Creating a winning culture with emotional stability and diverse experiences with the family are important aspects of a future successful tennis player’s development.

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