Talking Technique

Practicing the backhand indoors
Simona Halep playing a backhand at Wimbledon
Serena Williams has the greatest service motion of all time in women’s tennis (Photo by Des Evans)
Student Matthew True displays a good service motion.
Roger Federer’s classic forehand
Loading on the right foot for a semi-open stance forehand

Stacey Evans reached the girls State doubles finals in 2006
Early recovery on the backhand
Andy Murray serving against Verdasco in in the quarters on the
Wimbledon Center Court which he won in 5 sets. I was there! (Photo by Des Evans)
Cara Black plays a forehand volley
Contact out in front, continental grip and racquet above the wrist
Federer’s backhand volley
Des plays a backhand volley
Use backhand slice to skid the ball – low and away from opponent’s strike zone
Murray’s take back on the backhand slice

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