Tennis Tip from Des – Backhand Slice


High Take Back with a Continental Grip













  • Use backhand slice to vary the pace of a rally and to lower the contact point of your opponent’s groundstrokes or volleys.
  • Ensure that you use a Continental grip, prepare with a high take-back, lead with the bottom edge and open the face of your racquet. Make contact out in front – then follow through with your knuckles on top.
  •  You can also use floating slice to recover from a defensive position.

Nadal – the hands separate on the backhand slice





  • Use ‘skidding” slice  to keep the ball low and out of your opponent’s strike zone
  • Use a  ‘soft’  hand to play  a deliberate drop-shot – once you have opened the court first – by drawing your opponent wide or deep. This is a ‘touch’ shot which requires you to ‘feel’ the ball with your strings.
  • Disguise the drop-shot by playing it as late as possible. 
Federer's take back

 The take-back is high for more slice (under-spin)


Roddick has improved his slice

Djokovich - perfect contact point!








Finish with your hitting strings upwards
Finish with hitting face of racquet facing upwards






  •  The knuckles remain on top during the follow through
  • The racquet head remains to the LEFT  with the hitting strings facing up.

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