Latest Tennis Tip from Des – Open Stance Forehand

Federer's Shoulder Turn




Agassi's Forehand Preparation - the 'Timing Point'
Isner's open stance - for the wide ball

 Use the open stance for wide forehands – it facilitates early recovery

Load with the right side by pushing down with the right knee – just prior to contact  


Strings facing backwards









The Sharapova take-back

 Point the hitting  (face) strings backwards on take-back

Keep the wrist cocked (laid) back through the contact point

Nadal's forehand prior to contact

Swing should be one motion – smooth, fast and relaxed









                                            Use ‘L’ shape with right elbow on inside to contact

'Fed' - the L shape on contact


Full extension from 'Rafa'

  Extend fully after contact             



Federer's high finish for depth

Baghdadis In Cincy
Sharapova's follow through

                                                                                                                               Use the ‘windshield wiper’ motion on follow through – finish with the left elbow high and with the wrist on the inside 

Gonzalez's relaxed finish

On the forehand put-away – swing aggressively and finish below the left shoulder with a fast, relaxed flourish

Nadal's Reverse Forehand

                    Follow through is on same side of body 

The Gulbis Forehand Finish




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